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Before you start learning to drive, plan how to go about it: 

1. Choose an Approved Driving Instructor 
There is only one sensible choice when learning to drive, and that is to learn with an Approved Driving Instructor. It makes sense to choose your driving school carefully, as you only want to take your driving test ONCE!! 

At MSM Driving Academy you are assured a very high standard of tuition from an ADI with a pleasant personality, who is patient and understanding. You will have a very good chance of passing your test and becoming a safe driver for life. 

2. Find out what you must do first 
You will need to apply for a provisional driving licence. The minimum age which you can legally drive a car on public roads is 17 unless you are in receipt of disability living allowance, in which case you may apply for a licence at 16. 

You must complete driving licence application form D1. 
When you apply for your licence you must also enclose original documentation confirming your identity. 

You MUST NOT drive on a road until you have received your provisional licence. 

Your eyesight must meet a minimum standard. 

You must pass your Theory and Practical Tests before you can apply for a full driving licence. 

3. Theory Test 
The theory test consists of two parts: 

· Multiple choice questions 

· Hazard Perception video clips 

You will need to pass both parts of the theory test at the same sitting to obtain your theory test pass certificate. 

The multiple choice part consists of 50 multiple choice questions covering a wide range of driving topics. By touching the screen, you select an answer, or answers, from the selection shown. To pass you must answer 43 or more questions correctly in the time allowed. 

The hazard perception part consist of 14 video clips during which certain hazards will develop. You must click the mouse when you see a hazard developing and you score higher the sooner you recognise (by clicking the mouse) the developing hazard. To pass you must score a minimum of 44 points out of a possible 75. 

You can buy CD rom disks and DVDs to help you practice and prepare for the theory test. Just ask for more details. MSM Driving Academy is more than happy to help and offer you advice and guidance to help you pass your theory test. 

4. Practical test 
Once you have passed the on screen theory test you can apply for the practical driving test. However, you must be able to drive with minimal assistance from your driving instructor before you take the test. At MSM Driving Academy you will receive guidance on this and your weekly progress will be measured using a Driver's Record which records your progress across the range of subjects to be covered from Introduction right through to Independent level. 

At MSM Driving Academy your instructor's car will normally be available for you to take your test, and this is the best option, as you will become very familiar with the vehicle by the time you are ready to take your test. 

When you can drive and control your car safely and smoothly, with full awareness of other road users and consideration for the road, weather and traffic conditions, and you can competently perform all the slow manoeuvres, you are ready to pass your driving test! Good luck!


5. Pass Plus 
Newly qualified drivers are at more risk in the first year after passing the test than at any other time in their motoring career. 

Young drivers are especially at risk. Statistically, one in five will have an accident.MSM Driving Academy can offer the DSA approved Pass Plus course and it is strongly recommended that you consider this course soon after passing your test. It is a six hour course covering driving: In town, out of town, all weathers, at night, on dual carriageways, and on motorways. Much of the cost of the course can be recovered by a reduction in insurance premium, which is offered by many leading insurance companies to new drivers who have a Pass Plus certificate. Just ask if you want more information, or visit the Pass Plus website.  Follow the link to Pass Plus from the links page of this website.

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