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Aaron Tyrer, Warrington

"I passed my test with MSM Driving Academy in November 2008. Mark is a very dedicated and well organised instructor! I would gladly recommend him to any provisional licence holder. Thanks, Mark and keep up the good work."


Stacey Delooze, Warrington

"Thanks for teaching me and helping me get through my test. Thanks for being a great instructor!"


Chris Fairchild, Widnes

"Thank you, Mark, for your friendly and patient instruction.  As a nervous learner you have helped me achieve something I thought I would never accomplish.  I would have no hesitation to highly recommend you to prospective learners.  You are an all-round good guy, with a natural calming influence and a talent to bring out the best in people."


Jade Dawkins, Runcorn

"Over the past year I have been learning to drive with MSM Driving Academy.  Thanks to the help and support I got from the instructor, Mark Blackburn, I just passed my test first time!  I would definitely recommend MSM Driving Academy."


Rebecca O'Brien, Warrington

"I had a good time having my lessons with Mark.  He makes the lessons enjoyable.  Even when having a bad day Mark helped me to snap out of it and brought my confidence back.  I passed my test first time with MSM and went on to enjoy the Pass Plus course."


Elliot Wales, Warrington

"After passing my test first time I can honestly say how glad I am for choosing MSM.  Mark has a very effective teaching method, firm but fair, and has lots of patience for beginners! I thoroughly enjoyed my time whilst learning.  All in all excellent value - don't settle for anything less!"


Yvette Fallon, Widnes

"Thank you for all your expert tuition and especiallly your caring nature in helping me pass my test first time."


Jessica Hands, Warrington

"I passed my theory and practical first time and thought that MSM Driving Academy was the best at helping me achieve that."


Kathryn Lynas, Warrington

"I really enjoyed learning to drive with Mark so much that I decided to take the Pass Plus course with him after I had successsfully passed my test first time. I feel that I have more road awareness and confidence than I would expect as a newly qualified driver - thank you Mark!"


Nick Topping, Warrington

"Friendly and organised lessons with good structured feedback."


Shanette Watt, Runcorn

Great friendly service and very patient, helped me a great deal with my confidence as well.  I would highly recommend.


Lynn Bagwell, Warrington

For anyone considering using MSM Academy to learn to drive, I can highly recommend Mark. Having driven in the United States for 30 years before moving to Britain, I had many ingrained driving habits. Mark not only gave me the skills to drive in the UK, with his relaxed attitude and his respect for my developed driving skills, he taught me so much, and went to great lengths to get me to my test. The result was a Pass on the first try. Without Mark's guidance and professionalism, this would not have been possible. Previously I had two other driving instructors. Both would have been more than happy if I passed on my second attempt. Mark went the extra mile on every level for me. Thanks Mark, I have not forgotten...


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